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Gas Control
Analysis of Potential Impacts to LDCs on Changes to the Gas Day Start Time - November 2014
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Gas Control Operations Evacuation & Recovery Plan - Technical Note
White Paper on Gas Pipeline Controller Risk Analysis - February 2006
2013 Fall Meeting Presentations

Gas Control

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  1. Develops improvements for all phases of gas dispatching and coordination of these activities to achieve the goals of safety, conservation, economical operation, and technical achievement and to serve the public interest.
  2. Advances knowledge and techniques through the collection, investigation, discussion and dissemination of ideas, information and methods related to gas dispatching operations and system control.
  3. Identifies research priorities to enhance the safe, reliable and cost–effective delivery of natural gas
  4. Sponsors programs and papers in a cooperative effort in related technical symposia, sponsors the publication of committee reports and papers, and the development of articles for publications. 
  5. Collects, develops, and disseminates technical data and information with specific reference to the committee’s scope of interest.
  6. Monitors and reviews Federal legislation, codes, and associated rulemaking activities which affect the industry and are within the committee's scope of activities, and advises the Managing Committee of items of concern.
  7. Provides liaison with appropriate industry groups, professional associations, research organizations and other committees for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to the concerned areas of interest.
  8. Develops and publishes committee reports and technical papers and provides liaison with/from appropriate national and international industry groups, professional associations and other committee for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to areas of interest.
  9. Identifies research priorities to enhance the safe, reliable and cost–effective delivery of natural gas.


Typical Committee Member

Superintendents, directors and managers of gas control and dispatching.

Benefits of Committee Membership

By committee membership, industry engineers broaden their competence by meeting contemporaries and sharing state-of-the-art-engineering information. Benefits also include work on industry technical references and forums, to help provide cost savings and other benefits to the entire gas industry.

Products and Services

Timely workshops on control center design, system display and SCADA interaction. Annual updated list of U.S. and Canadian Gas Control Managers/Supervisor contacts with telephone numbers. Technical notes for gas controller operations. Topical workshops.

Interaction with other AGA Committees/Outside Organizations

The committee also maintains a liaison with the Underground Storage Committee and the Supplemental Gas Supply Committee.


Meets twice a year in spring and late fall. An additional meeting may be held as required and approved by the Operations Section Managing Committee.


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