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Operations Equipment and Services Associates Managing
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OESA MC Spring Meeting Minutes, May 19, 2009 - Pittsburgh, PA

Operations Equipment & Services Associates Managing 

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The OESA Section is comprised of manufacturing and service companies that share the common purpose of studying and reporting on matters related to the design, manufacture and sale of gas equipment, apparatus, supplies and/or services used in or by the gas distribution and transmission industry.

The OESA Section acts primarily in a support role to the other Sections of AGA and is committed to:

  1. Developing efficient and safer products and providing all necessary services to assist the gas industry in its service to the end-user.
  2. Assisting in the management and coordination of exhibits for the Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition and presentations for the Operations Conference on alternate years.
  3. Studying all governmental issues affecting equipment and service to the gas industry; cooperating with governmental, scientific, standards and trade organizations to further the interchange of information for products and services; and providing as appropriate, effective action or response.
  4. Advancing effective communication of activities happening in the AGA Operating Section,
  5. Encouraging Associate member participation in appropriate AGA activities, e.g., Biennial Exhibition,
  6. Administering the OESA Section Policies & Procedures book, including oversight of proper Associate member conduct on Operating Section committees,
  7. Coordinating with AGA technical committee officers on joint activities benefiting the interests of the natural gas industry.

The OESA Section consists of a Managing Committee and Task Groups. As chartered, the OESA Managing Committee has oversight for all activities of the OESA Section.


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