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Operations Section Managing
Committee Presentations

Operating Section Managing Committee

Committee Staff Executive:
Christina Sames
Vice President, Operations & Engineering
Tel. (202) 824-7214



The Operating Section Managing Committee is responsible for conceiving, formulating and distributing objectives, polices, practices and procedures of the Operating Section and for monitoring the Section’s activities in order to further the continued improvement of the Section.

Members of the committee are the senior gas operations person responsible for operating and/or engineering functions who can make policy decisions on behalf of their company about AGA operations directions.

Representatives of affiliated regional gas associations, the American Public Gas Association and U.S. natural gas research consortiums may be accorded Ex-officio participant status.  This status may also be given to chairpersons of the Operating Section advocacy committees, representatives of manufacturer associations, and representatives of affiliated organizations and agencies.  The AGA Operations and Engineering Services Associates Section Managing Committee appoints a liaison to the Operating Section Managing Committee to participate with Ex-officio status.  Clearance is obtained through the organization represented.




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