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Operations Safety Regulatory Action
Agency Notices
CSB - U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board - Safety Bulletin - Dangers of Purging Gas Piping into Buildings - Oct 09

Operations Safety Regulatory Action 

The Operations Safety Regulatory Action Committee (OSRAC), which includes members of the Operating Section Executive Committee, is vested with AGA board authority to represent AGA membership’s best interests before the Department of Transportation and other Federal agencies addressing operations safety.  To that end, the OSRAC may take action in advance, or respond as necessary, in addressing Federal agency actions on initiatives and rulemakings having an impact on operations safety.  To accomplish its mission, the committee participates in government/industry/public stakeholder activities, prepares written comments, provides strategic input and technical rationale for advocacy positions taken by the AGA members and testifies if needed, or recommends litigation to the general counsel’s office in pursuing action as deemed appropriate.



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