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Plastic Materials
PMC Integrity Library
PMC New Member Booklet
SOS Program
White Paper: High Performance PE Materials for Gas Piping Applications - August 2006
White Paper on Peelable Pipe
PHMSA Safety Advisory: Notice to Operators of Driscopipe® 8000 High Density Polyethylene Pipe of the Potential for Material Degradation
PHMSA Docket-2012-0044
Purchasing Specification Guidelines for Marking Polyethylene Gas System Components


  1. Evaluates new plastic materials for gas piping systems.
  2. Develops and evaluates new fabrication techniques for plastic gas piping systems.
  3. Evaluates the performance of plastic materials in gas piping systems.
  4. Sponsors programs and papers in a cooperative effort in related technical symposia, sponsors the publication of committee reports and papers, and the development of articles for publications.
  5. Fosters research areas related to committee activities, including the definition of problems and the collection of data pertinent to the research and development of specific research proposals.
  6. Provides liaison with appropriate industry groups, professional associations and other committees for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to the concerned areas of interest.
  7. Collects, develops, and disseminates technical data and information with specific reference to the committee’s scope of interest.
  8. Monitors and reviews Federal legislation, codes, and associated rulemaking activities which affect the industry and are within the committee's scope of activities, and advises the Managing Committee of items of concern.
  9. Develops and publishes committee reports and technical papers and provides liaison with/from appropriate national and international industry groups, professional associations and other committee for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to areas of interest.

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