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American Gas Association White Paper: Soft Tissue Injury Prevention & Management Resource Document (January 2013)
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Safety Committee Survey (May 2014)

 American Gas Association White Paper: Soft Tissue Injury Prevention & Management Resource Document (January 2013) 

Many AGA member companies have identified Sprains and Strains (Soft Tissue Injuries) as a leading type of work-related injury. Soft Tissue Injuries also remain the leading category of injury as reported in the AGA annual report for employee injuries and illnesses. 

The intent of this document is to give AGA members a resource to use, if needed, to develop a Soft Tissue Injury Prevention & Management Program or help to enhance what is currently done. 

This paper does not imply acceptance of any responsibility or liability of any owner/operator to adopt or follow any aspect of this document; it simply offers guidelines to consider and apply as appropriate.


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