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Underground Storage
Current Practices in Storage Well Assessment Methodology, Consensus Paper
Gazprom Underground Gas Storage Facilities Wells’ Safety Control In Russia - May 2010
AGA USC Compressor Survey - 2007
DOE Gas Storage Technology Consortium
Summary of Storage Courses and Seminars Survey
Review of State Underground Natural Gas Storage Regulations in the United States
USC One Minute Meeting Summary - May 18-19, 2009
Whitepaper: Horizontal Well Drilling at Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation
USC - Fall 2009 Meeting Minutes
USC - Spring 2009 Meeting Minutes
AGA-Z Factor Study and Report, 1991

Underground Storage 

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Monitors development and operation of underground gas storage activities.

2.    Reviews the role of underground storage as a result of:

·         Restraints of supply and possible new use of supplemental fuels,

·         Public concerns - environment, safety, aesthetics, and

·         New and impending rules, regulations, codes and legislation.

3.    Discusses the science and art of exploring for, drilling and producing natural gas.

4.    Identifies research priorities to enhance the safe, reliable and cost–effective delivery of natural gas.

5.    Sponsors programs and papers in a cooperative effort in related technical symposia, sponsors the publication of committee reports and papers, and the development of articles for publications. 

6.    Develops and publishes committee reports and technical papers and provides liaison with and encourages liaison from appropriate national and international industry groups professional associations and other committees for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to areas of interest.

7.    Collects, develops, and disseminates technical data and information with specific reference to the committee’s scope of interest.


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