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Utility and Customer Field Services
2008 UCFS Committee Projects
Employee Safety Brochures
AGA Operating Section Technical Committees - 2007 CPRs
Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association
Fall 2007 UCFS Roundtable Discussion
Gas Meter Hazard: Jeweler Torches
Presentations and Demos from Fall 2007 UCFS Committee Meeting
SOS Program
UCFS 2007 CPRs
Spring 2007 Roundtable Discussion
Fall Meeting Agenda - Sept. 29-30, 2009
Spring 2008 UCFS Roundtable Discussion
Spring 2008 Committee Meeting Minutes
Fall 2008 Committee Meeting Minutes
White Paper - Warning Tag Procedures, May 2005
Spring 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes
Fall 2011 Committee Meeting Minutes
Pipeline Emergencies
Spring 2011 Committee Meeting Minutes
Industry Considerations for Emergency Response Plans - March 2012
Emergency Response Webinar - April 5th 2pm-4pm EST
Spring 2012 Committee Meeting Minutes
Fall 2012 Committee Meeting Minutes
Presentations and Demos from 2012 UCFS Committee Meeting
2013 Spring Meeting agenda
Presentations and Demos from 2013 UCFS Committee Meeting
2013 Spring Meeting minutes
2013 Fall Meeting Presentations


  1. To develop and/or promote the safety and integrity of systems and protecting the public, employees and property.
  2. Customer service, installation, and maintenance activities on consumers’ premises beginning at the gas meter or at the property line through the end utilization of gas.
  3. Internal customer service department activities, such as service technicians training, supervisory control, service procedures, order dispatching, service policies, service and installation of equipment and applicable codes.
  4. Emergency response, restoration of service, mutual aid or compliance activities.
  5. Corollary areas such as customer relations and education, appliance venting and air supply, codes and standards, regulatory requirements, utilization research and environmental matters, training manuals and programs, customer and employee safety, appliance performance and serviceability.
  6. Technology, field communications record keeping, productivity and satisfaction measures as they relate to field services.
  7. To investigate new technologies as related to our areas of interest.
  8. To sponsor programs, papers and presentations within the industry at related technical symposiums.
  9. To develop and publish committee reports and technical papers and provide liaison with and encourage liaison from appropriate national and international industry groups, professional associations and other committees for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to areas of interest.

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