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 Major Meetings and Conferences 

AGA Major Meetings/Conferences

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Accounting: Introduction to Public Utility Accounting
Accounting: Advanced Public Utility Accounting
Chief Accounting Officers and Senior Accounting Manager
Customer Service
Executive Conference
Executive Leadership Development Program
Financial Forum
Legal Forum
Operations Conference
Operating Section Committee Meetings
Public Affairs & Marketing Forum
Ratemaking Course

Following is a brief overview of AGA’s major meetings and conferences.  View a complete listing of current programs with meeting dates and more information.

Accounting Course:  Introduction to Public Utility Accounting

Objective:  To provide basic knowledge and understanding of the elements of the utility business from which to build comprehensive, professional expertise.  This course is co-sponsored with the Edison Electric Institute.

Who Should Participate: The course is directed toward recently hired accountants and others whose career paths are toward professional and supervisory positions in the accounting, auditing and financial areas.  The course can be of high value to non-accounting personnel as well.

What Participants Can Expect: This is an intensive course concentrating on the fundamentals of public utility accounting. The individual elements of the course are taught by expert utility instructors and leaders in the field of utility accounting issues. Participants are assumed to have at least an elementary knowledge of accounting theory and practice.  Continuing Education Credits available.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

Accounting Course:  Advanced Public Utility Accounting

Objective: To provide utility accounting supervisors with exposure to current accounting and management issues.  This course is co-sponsored with the Edison Electric Institute.

Who Should Participate: Executives, managers, analysts and experienced staff accountants who have knowledge of the complex accounting issues and the ratemaking process.

What Participants Can Expect: This is an intensive course concentrating on the complex issues facing utilities as they move toward a more competitive, less-regulated environment.  The individual elements of the course are taught by expert utility instructors and leaders in the field of utility accounting issues.  Continuing Education Credits available.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

Accounting Leadership Conference and Chief Audit Executive Conference

Objective: Help participants perform their jobs more effectively.

Who Should Participate: Chief accounting officers and their staff.

What Participants Can Expect: A conference with speakers from the accounting rule-setting bodies (SEC, FASB, FERC), and from the Big 4 accounting firms discussing new trends in accounting.  Also, speakers from outside the industry provide perspective on the industry.  There is a separate track for those who work in internal audit.  Participants can also expect an excellent opportunity to network with their peers and develop relationships and earn CPE of up to 17 hours.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

Customer Service Conference & Exhibition

Objective: To provide a forum where utility customer care professionals can become knowledgeable on the latest trends, techniques and best practices, and to showcase vendors offering a variety of products and services designed to support excellence in customer service.

Who Should Participate: All AGA and EEI member utilities are encouraged to send representatives to this conference. It is designed for utility vice presidents, directors and managers with responsibilities for customer systems, meter reading, remittance processing, customer service telephone centers, credit and collection, customer accounting, training and branch business offices.

What Participants Can Expect: A combination of top-quality speakers on topics of broad interest, and more focused, facilitated interactive breakouts that promote exchange of ideas and the opportunity to learn from peers.  An exhibition of product and service offerings from vendors serving the industry.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

Executive Conference

Objective: The Executive Conference serves as the premiere meeting for AGA Full and Limited member company, as well as International Member CEOs and senior executives. This is an “invitation only” meeting and available only to select members of the natural gas industry to stimulate open dialogue about sensitive industry issues.

Who Should Participate: Chief executive officers and key senior executives of each AGA Full, Limited (includes pipelines, marketers, producers) and International Members.

What Participants Can Expect: This conference provides the opportunity for attendees to network with industry peers and discuss a wide variety of major policy issues affecting the gas industry in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

Executive Leadership Development Program

Objective: Expand knowledge and understanding of how Washington works and how Washington can work for your company.

Who Should Participate: High-potential energy executives interested in learning more about government advocacy and enhancing leadership skills.

What Participants Can Expect: Class size is limited to 40 participants.  Attendees will observe and interact with experts at work on Capitol Hill, the White Housr and other government agencies.

  • Explore the workings of federal agencies such as the Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and how they can impact your business
  • Learn about the legislative process and how agendas are maneuvered through Congress
  • Explore the political and practical considerations of federal legislation
  • Examine federal policy making using one or more case studies of critical natural gas and gas utility issues
  • Develop and execute a legislative, regulatory and media strategy
  • Learn how to avoid the key pitfalls in advancing legislative and regulatory positions
  • Understand the nation's capital - timelines and resource needs
  • Discover how Washington institutions can work for and against you
  • Create lasting networking relationships with colleagues from across the country

How to Participate/Obtain More Information: or 

Financial Forum

This event provides a forum for publicly traded AGA member companies to interact with key financial analysts, institutional investors, and bankers, with more than 250 representatives of the financial community participating. The forum provides an opportunity to educate the financial community about the value and strategies of leading companies.

Objective: The AGA Financial Forum provides a unique opportunity for energy industry executives, securities analysts, portfolio managers and rating-agencies and commercial and investment bankers to meet for two days to evaluate the outlook for the energy industry and individual companies.

Who Should Participate: Energy industry participants are primarily chief executive officers, chief financial officers, treasurers and investor relations executives of natural gas distribution, transmission, diversified, marketing/gathering and combination gas/electric companies. Financial community representatives include sell-side securities analysts, buy-side analysts and portfolio managers, fixed-income analysts, rating agency analysts, and bankers.

What Participants Can Expect: General session topics address broad, industry-wide issues, while technical workshops provide in-depth treatment of specific topics.  The structured program of visitation tables, formal presentations and organized company dinners provides substantial time for assessment of individual company opportunities.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information: 

Legal Forum

Objective: The AGA Legal Forum is an intensive two-day seminar that gives participants the opportunity for in-depth discussion of gas industry issues with other member company general counsel and senior attorneys.

Who Should Participate: Member company attorneys.

What Participants Can Expect: The conference covers a variety of subjects, including: recent developments at FERC and other government agencies; antitrust risks; strategies to reduce risk for LDCs; legal implications of company restructuring; fiduciary and ethical obligations of in-house attorneys; trends in LDC insurance coverage; new theories of tort litigation; and prudence reviews. Approved by most states for Continuing Education Credits!

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

Operations Conference

Objective: Designed to help member companies improve the safety, reliability, security and cost-effectiveness of operations in all areas, including design, construction, engineering, operation, corrosion management, and maintenance of transmission and distribution piping systems; gas measurement; supplemental gas supply and underground storage; customer service, plastic materials; environment; and safety.  The AGA Operating Section sponsors this annual conference, which is the industry' premier technical forum designed for natural gas utility and transmission company operations management.  An Equipment & Services Exhibition is held every other year (odd-numbered years) with the support of the AGA Operations & Equipment Services Associates Section.

Who Should Participate: Conference attendees include the operating, technical, engineering and management professionals who are directly responsible for maintaining their company’s competitive edge.

What Participants Can Expect: More than 100 technical presentations for improving the safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of member-company operations, plus over 200 exhibit booths (during odd-numbered years) displaying the latest products & services to support our members.  Multiple networking opportunities.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

Operating Section Committee Meetings

Objective:  Semi-annual committee meetings (spring and fall) provide opportunities for member company operators to exchange lessons-learned, share industry practices, network and develop projects (workshops, publications, etc.), which advance the safe, reliable, secure and cost-effective transportation of natural gas.

Who Should Participate: Operating Section committee members.  Membership open to all AGA Full and Limited members.  Associate members also participate with some limitations.

What Participants Can Expect: Share challenges and money saving practices; help organize industry consensus on key issues.  Initiate and maintain industry technical references and organize gas technology exchange forums.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

AGA Gas Rates and Regulatory Issues

Objective: To assist members in developing their understanding of the operations of the natural gas industry and of utility regulation, particularly as these areas relate to ratemaking issues.

Who Should Participate: The course is directed toward professional employees in the natural gas industry.  Recently hired members of the rate department and experienced employees in other fields at distribution, pipeline, production and marketing companies, as well as federal and state regulators of natural gas companies, regulatory consultants, and lawyers specializing in the natural gas industry are encouraged to participate.

What Participants Can Expect: This is an intensive course concentrating on the fundamentals of regulated natural gas industry rate making.  The course of study is divided into the following major topics:  regulation, finance and accounting, economics, cost of service, risk and return on equity, innovative costing and ratemaking, energy efficiency and conservation, gas supply planning and procurement, and interactive case studies.  Continuing Education Credits for lawyers and accountants are available.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:


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