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 Communications and Marketing 

Objective:  AGA works with a variety of audiences, including national, regional and trade media, to communicate the vital role of  natural gas and AGA’s natural gas utilities. 

AGA provides public relations support by identifying emerging issues and developing  materials for use by member companies on topics such as pipeline safety, supply and responsible resources development and natural gas transportation, as other topics of interest to the gas industry, the news media and the general public.  AGA has a wide variety of communications materials for use by members that includes fact sheets, press releases, newsletters, op-eds and letters to the editor.

Who Should Participate: Public relations, public affairs and media relations professionals at AGA member companies.

What Participants Can Expect: National, regional and trade media outreach in support of AGA's priorities, email updates to AGA-member public relations executives about new tips and trends, information kits, market-support articles, op-eds, media briefings.  AGA’s Communications and Marketing Committee provides direction for the association’s corporate communications programs, develops best practices for communications activities and develops appropriate responses to industry public relations crises.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

For more information see the Newsroom.


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