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 SOS Programs 


Have a question?  Contact the AGA staff person then e-mail or fax your query. Direct response from appropriate contacts throughout AGA saves time, effort and money. Respondents are asked to send a copy of the response to AGA and can receive compiled results for their own benefit.

Objective: To provide members quick access to peers nationwide for advice, experiences, and answers to industry-wide issues.

Who Should Participate: All AGA members should take advantage of this service.

What Participants Can Expect: Increased productivity by reducing individual research time.

Contacts by subject area:

• Accounting 
• Community and Consumer Affairs
• Customer Service
• Environmental 
• Energy Efficiency Programs and Practices
• Finance & Accounting
• Human Resources
• Internal Auditing 
• Investor Relations 
• Marketiing
• Operations & Engineering 
• Policy Analysis 
• Public Relations
• Risk Management 
• Safety & Occupational Health 
• Sustainable Business Practices
• Tax
• Technology



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