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 Statistics & Studies 

Objective:  Collect, compile, analyze and disseminate information as comprehensive studies that are either exclusive to AGA members or available to them at a discount.  Studies are prepared as needed to provide gas utilities with timely information that will enhance their operational performance and competitive posture.

Who Should Participate: All AGA members should make use of this information.  The utility of this information is enhanced when members respond to AGA requests for information and data.

What Participants Can Expect: Policy Analysis Statistics and Energy Analysis Products compile some of the latest AGA analyses and statistics into a single package.  No charge to AGA members.  Members need to login to the website to access.  Some reports available only to Full and/or Limited members.  Click here for access.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

e-GUS (Gas Utility Statistics) System

Full and Limited member company employees also have access to e-GUS, a comprehensive set of AGA and governmental databases relevant to gas utilities.  This online system includes financial, operational and other information that can be researched through standardized or customized queries for maximum ease and utility.

Data is from AGA’s Uniform Statistical Report, EIA, DOT, FERC, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s heating and cooling degree days are also available. Other sources will also be available in the future.

Objective: Assist AGA members in the analysis of the natural gas industry by allowing members to access AGA’s relational database system through the Internet.

Who Should Participate: Any Full and Limited AGA member.

What Participants Can Expect: The eGUS (Gas Utility Statistics) system is a powerful relational database system that allows members to search and download (in Microsoft Excel format) a variety of different natural gas and energy industry data. 

How to Participate/Obtain More Information:

Full and Limited members can access the system by logging into eGus.


BESS is an Electronic Survey System designed to allow members to complete and submit recurring surveys via a web-based interface.  This system was designed to work in conjunction with the Gas Utility System (GUS) SQL database and the e-GUS query tool.


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