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2010 Spring Gas Control Conference Presentations

The Gas Control Committee held its Spring Conference May 12 - 14 in New Orleans, LA.  The presentations are posted below.
Control Room Management Roundtable
2012 ANSI GPTC Z380.1

ANSI GPTC Z380.1 Guide for Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems, 2012 Edition; Catalog # Z380112; 924 pages. Contains the U.S. DOT Pipeline Safety Code Title 49 – Part 191 and Part 192, plus guide material prepared by the Gas Piping Technology Committee Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The Guide is continuously updated by the GPTC which issues addendum on a periodic basis. Cost: $480.00 Order Publications.
ANSI ASC GPTC Z380 - Gas Piping Technology

The American Gas Association serves as the secretariat to the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z380, Gas Piping Technology Committee. The GPTC develops and publishes ANSI Z380.1, Guide for Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems.
2009 Edition and Addenda
CFTC Business

CFTC Business 
Government Relations Policy Committee

Supply:Sept 26 2012 Anti-LNG Export Letter to ChuSept 24 2012 LNG Export Letter to ChuAug 7 2012 LNG Export Letter to Chu
Meetings Materials

Meeting Materials
Plastic Materials Committee Mechancial Coupling Database

Mechanical Coupling Database
The coupling database includes the following information on each mechanical coupling:
PMC Integrity Library

At its inception, the AGA Plastics Materials Committee (PMC) established a goal to provide member companies with various means to help them enhance the “integrity” of their underground plastic pipe distribution systems. By “integrity” we mean the safety, security, robustness, efficiency and very long term trouble-free performance of plastic natural gas piping systems.

The Rate Committee is the association s committee responsible for analyzing industry rate issues and state economic regulatory trends. The committee works with other AGA committees to develop AGA positions on rate, regulatory and related matters. The committee develops studies and research projects on matters pertaining to rate of return, rate base, rate design, revenue requirements, rate administration, rate case presentations, the impact of rates on load growth and financial results, and the analysis of trends in innovative rate structures.
Regulatory Analyses

Regulatory Analyses
Security Practices Guidelines Natural Gas Industry Transmission & Distribution, May 2008 Edition

Security Practices Guidelines Natural Gas Industry Transmission & Distribution, May 2008 Edition