AGA: Flexible Approach Allows for Efficient and Affordable Applications of Clean Natural Gas

News Release

AGA: Flexible Approach Allows for Efficient and Affordable Applications of Clean Natural Gas

Washington, D.C. - The American Gas Association (AGA) issued the following statement on the announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of a proposed rule under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act:

The American Gas Association believes it is critical that the rule design include a flexible approach for compliance and allow for the efficient and affordable applications of clean natural gas, said Dave McCurdy, President and CEO. Natural gas used directly in homes and businesses, and technologies such as combined heat and power, are key parts of a clean and secure energy portfolio for our nation. Natural gas delivers solutions for our economy and our environment and local natural gas utilities bring those benefits home.

Direct use

  • Natural gas consumed directly in appliances for heating and cooling, water heating, cooking and clothes drying achieves 92 percent energy efficiency.
  • A household with natural gas versus all-electric appliances produces 37 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Converting natural gas or any other fossil fuel into electricity to power comparable electric end-use products only maintains 32 percent of usable energy.


Combined heat and power (CHP)

  • Using American energy, labor and knowledge, CHP can generate electricity and capture useful heat simultaneously to increase the overall efficiency of an energy system.
  • The use of natural gas, the preferred fuel choice for CHP applications, allows for new electricity generation to meet current and future demand at costs up to 50 percent less than traditional forms of delivered new baseload electricity.
  • CHP uses less fuel and emits lower levels of greenhouse gases using established technology that can reduce energy costs to businesses and help reduce their environmental footprint.