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Integrity Management
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Rate Stabilization
Revenue Decoupling
Map of States with Non-Volumetric Rate Designs for Natural Gas (February 2009)
Update on Revenue Decoupling Mechanisms (July2008)
Map of States With Natural Gas Revenue Decoupling (January 2010)
List of Companies with Natural Gas Revenue Decoupling (July 2009)
Joint Statement of the American Gas Association and the Natural Resources Defense Council (July 2004)
Map of States with Non-Volumetric Rates and Weather Normalization Adjustments (January 2010)
Map of States with Non-Volumetric Rate Designs: Decoupling, Flat Monthly Fee, Rate Stabilization (January 2010)
Map of States with Decoupling and Flat Monthly Fees (January 2010)
Christensen Associates 2005 Evaluation of NW Natural Decoupling Program (March 2005)
AGA Response To ELCON Revenue Decoupling Policy Brief (April 2008)
AGA Decoupling Presentation to NY State Bar Association (July 2008)
ROE and Cost of Capital
Flat Monthly Fee (SFV)
Infrastructure Investment Cost Recovery Mechanisms

 Revenue Decoupling 




State                        Utility Decoupling Cases                   Case Number


Center Point Energy 

Arkansas Western Gas

Arkansas Oklahoma Gas

Docket No. 06-161-U 

Docket No. 06-124-U

Docket No. 07-026-U


Pacific Gas and Electric

San Diego Gas and Electric

Southern California Gas

Southwest Gas

Application No. 02-02-012

Application No. 02-02-012

Application No. 02-02-012

Application No. 02-02-012


Public Service Company of Colorado

Docket No. 06-656-G


Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company

North Shore Gas Company    

Docket No. 07-0242

Docket No. 07-0241


Vectren Indiana

Vectren Southern Indiana G&E

Citizens Gas & Coke Utility

IURC Cause No. 42943

IURC Cause No. 42943

IURC Cause No. 42767


Bay State Gas

Docket No. D.P.U. 09-30

Minnesota Center Point Minnesota Gas

Docket No. G-008/GR08-1075

Nevada Southwest Gas  Docket No. 09-4003


Baltimore Gas and Electric

Washington Gas

Case No. 8780

Case No. 8990

New Jersey

New Jersey Natural Gas                        

South Jersey Gas      

Docket No. GR05121020

Docket No. GR05121020 

New York

Central Hudson Gas and Electric

Consolidated Edison of New York

National Fuel Gas Distribution

National Grid Niagara Mohawk

Orange & Rockland Utilities

Case No. 08-G-0888

Case No. 06-G-1332

Case No. 07-G-0141

Case No. 08-G-0609

Case No. 05-G-1494

North Carolina

Piedmont Natural Gas

Public Service Co. of North Carolina     

Dockets G-9, Sub. 499,

G-9, Sub 461, G-44, Sub 15

Docket G-5, Sub 495


Cascade Natural Gas

NW Natural Gas

Docket UG-167

Docket UG-143


Questar Gas Co.

Docket No. 05-057-T01

Virginia  Virginia Natural Gas      PUE-2008 00060   


Avista Corp.

Cascade Natural Gas

Docket No. UG-060518

Docket No. UG-060256

Wyoming Wyoming Questar Gas Co.


Docket No. 30010-94-6R-08

Wisconsin Integrys-Wisconsin Public Service Co.

Docket No. 6690-UR-119




 State                Utility Decoupling Cases                              Case Number

Kansas Kansas Gas Service Docket No. 10-KGSG-421-TAR

Consumers Energy

Michigan Gas Utilities

Michigan Consolidated Gas

Case No. U-15506


Case No. U-15990


Case No. U-15985
Nebraska SourceGas Distribution

Docket No. NG-0060

New Jersey

Pivotal Utility Holdings


Board of Public Utilities

New York

National Grid NYC

National Grid Long Island

Case No. 06-G-1185

Case No. 06-G-1186

Tennessee Chattanooga Gas Docket No. 09-00183
Virginia Columbia Gas PUE-2009 00051  




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