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Flat Monthly Fee (SFV)
Map of States with Non-Volumetric Rate Designs for Natural Gas (January 2010)
Aligning Customer and Utility Interests Presentation to Kentucky General Assembly (September 2007)
Map of States with Decoupling and Flat Monthly Fees (January 2010)
18 Benefits of a Residential Fixed Monthly Charge (June 2005)
Infrastructure Investment Cost Recovery Mechanisms

 Flat Monthly Fee (SFV) 




State              Flat Monthly Fee (SFV) & Similar Cases          Case Number

Florida TECO Peoples Gas Docket No. 080318-GU


Alanta Gas                                           

Docket No. 8390-U
Illinois Nicor Gas

Docket No. 08-0363 



Laclede Gas

Missouri Gas Energy

Empire District Gas

Case No. GR-2006-0387

Case No. GR-2002-356

Case No. GR-2006-0422

Case No. GR-2009-0434

Nebraska SourceGas Distribution

Docket No. NG-0060 

North Dakota Xcel Energy

Case No. PU-04-578, PU-08-171


Columbia Gas

Dominion East Ohio Gas

Duke  Energy

Vectren Ohio

Case No. 08-0072-GA-AIR

Case No. 07-0829-GA-AIR

Case No. 07-589-GA-AIR

Case No. 07-1080-GA-AIR

Oklahoma Oklahoma Natural Gas

Case No. PUD200400610

Texas Texas Gas Service El Paso City of El Paso, Texas, Ordinance (Resolution), Dated January 15, 2008




Alaska ENSTAR Natural Gas Docket No. 08-137-U
Nebraska Black Hills


Docket No. NG-0061


Pike Natural Gas

Eastern Natural Gas

SB 221

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