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Infrastructure Investment Cost Recovery Mechanisms
2011 Infrastructure Cost Recovery Mechanisms: A Natural Gas Rate Report
2012 June Infrastructure Cost Recovery Mechanisms

 2012 June Infrastructure Cost Recovery Mechanisms 

As of June 2012, 47 utilities in 22 states serving 24 million residential natural gas customers are using full or limited special rate mechanisms to recover their replacement infrastructure investments, and 5 utilities have mechanisms pending in another state and the District of Columbia. 

Mechanisms that allow recovery of nearly all costs of replacing mains, service lines, valves, risers, couplings, and associated appurtenances are in place in 18 states, while more limited programs that allow recovery of only a portion of these costs or only costs associated with government required relocations (such as on public lands or rights of way) are in place in 4 states.  In addition, 3 states have enacted legislation or issued generic regulations that give utilities the authority to implement either full or limited infrastructure cost recovery mechanisms.

For More Information:  See the AGA Rate Round-Up, Infrastructure Cost Recovery Update, June 2012.


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