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Rates & Regulatory Policy
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Rate Alerts: A Monthly Summary of State Rate Decisions
Rate Roundup: A Periodic Update on Innovative Rate Designs
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Non-Volumetric Rates and Cost Trackers Update (September 2012)
Gas and Electric Interdependency

 Rates & Regulatory Policy 

The Rate Committee is the association’s committee responsible for analyzing industry rate issues and state economic regulatory trends. The committee works with other AGA committees to develop AGA positions on rate, regulatory and related matters. The committee develops studies and research projects on matters pertaining to rate of return, rate base, rate design, revenue requirements, rate administration, rate case presentations, the impact of rates on load growth and financial results, and the analysis of trends in innovative rate structures.The committee identifies current ratemaking concepts and helps member companies develop and share new strategies to influence change in state economic regulatory policies and programs.  Through its training programs, the committee increases awareness on matters pertaining to LDC and pipeline rate of return, alternative rate designs, LDC unbundling, and competitive pricing structures.

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Bruce McDowell
Managing Director, Policy Analysis


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