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Regulatory Hedging Policies Summary (adapted from Question of the Quarter Fall 2009)
Tracking Mechanisms in Utility Rate Design - Cynthia J. Marple (November 2009)
Infrastructure Investment Trackers in Utility Rates - Cynthia J. Marple (November 2009)
IFRS Presentation - Barrie L. McKay (April 2009)
Natural Gas Vehicles Presentation - Barrie L. McKay (April 2009)
Lost and Unaccounted for Cost Recovery Mechanism (QoQ Winter 2008)
Lost and Unaccounted for Cost Recovery Mechanism Summary (adapted from QoQ Winter 2008)
Factsheet - Primer on Rates
Bill Comparison Report
Seasonal Disconnection - QoQ Summary (Fall 2007)
Working Capital Requirements, 2005 vs. 2004 Summary (adapted from QoQ Summer 2006)
Customer Charge Summary (adapted from QoQ -Dec 2005)
Cost Recovery: Viewpoint from Natural Gas Utilities - Critical Infrastructure Cost Recovery Workshop (July 28, 2003)
Normalizing Clauses
Rate Stabilization
Decoupling and Energy Efficiency Presentation - Cynthia J. Marple (April 2009)
Map of States with Non-Volumetric Rate Designs: Decoupling, Flat Monthly Fee, Rate Stabilization (January 2010)
Rate Stabilization Mechanisms – NARUC Presentation (November 2010)
Fixed Bills_Fixed Commodity
AGA Member Company Tariff Webpage Links
Map of States with Weather Normalization Adjustments (September 2012)
Bad Debt & Low-Income
Natural Gas Vehicle/Compressed Natural Gas Rates (November 2010)
Ratemaking for Energy Pipelines July 2011

 Rate Stabilization 


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