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Regulatory Hedging Policies Summary (adapted from Question of the Quarter Fall 2009)
Tracking Mechanisms in Utility Rate Design - Cynthia J. Marple (November 2009)
Infrastructure Investment Trackers in Utility Rates - Cynthia J. Marple (November 2009)
IFRS Presentation - Barrie L. McKay (April 2009)
Natural Gas Vehicles Presentation - Barrie L. McKay (April 2009)
Lost and Unaccounted for Cost Recovery Mechanism (QoQ Winter 2008)
Lost and Unaccounted for Cost Recovery Mechanism Summary (adapted from QoQ Winter 2008)
Factsheet - Primer on Rates
Bill Comparison Report
Seasonal Disconnection - QoQ Summary (Fall 2007)
Working Capital Requirements, 2005 vs. 2004 Summary (adapted from QoQ Summer 2006)
Customer Charge Summary (adapted from QoQ -Dec 2005)
Cost Recovery: Viewpoint from Natural Gas Utilities - Critical Infrastructure Cost Recovery Workshop (July 28, 2003)
Normalizing Clauses
Rate Stabilization
Fixed Bills_Fixed Commodity
AGA Member Company Tariff Webpage Links
Map of States with Weather Normalization Adjustments (September 2012)
Bad Debt & Low-Income
Alternate Bad Debt Recovery Mechanisms (Winter 2008)
Bad Debt Expense Recovery Report (QoQ - May 2008)
Strategies for Successful Recovery of Bad Debt, Rate Round-up (October 2004)
Low Income Discount Programs - Bernice K. McIntyre (April 7,2004)
Disconnections - Chuck Harder (April 2009)
Infrastructure, Bad Debt and Unaccounted For Presentation - Cynthia J. Marple (April 2009)
Arrearage Problems, 2004 Presentation
2002-2004 Credit Collection Data for Energy Utilities (February 2006)
The Growing Need to Help Low-Income Energy Consumers: Government, Charitable, and Utility Programs (September 2005)
Indiana Low-Income and Bad Debt Solutions, Unrecovered Revenue Adjustment - Gregory A. Sawyers (April 12, 2005)
Indiana Solutions for Low Income, Debt, 2005 Presentation
Low Income Assistance Programs (QoQ - March 2006)
Low Income Energy Consumers: The Need for Assistance Continues
National Regulatory Research Institute 2003 Survey on Uncollectibles
National Regulatory Research Institute 2005 Survey on Uncollectibles
State Seasonal Termination Regulations
Strategies for Successful Recovery of Bad Debt (Rate Round-Up, October 2004)
Natural Gas Vehicle/Compressed Natural Gas Rates (November 2010)
Ratemaking for Energy Pipelines July 2011

 Disconnections - Chuck Harder (April 2009) 


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