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 Mercury, Containing Equipment 

Current natural gas equipment does not use mercury, but AGA members sometimes encounter old-fashioned mercury-containing equipment that was installed in the middle of the last century.  At the end of World War II, natural gas replaced manufactured gas.   New suburbs were built for returning veterans and their families.  Delivery pressures were increased in new gas lines to serve the expanding demand.  Gas pressure regulators using mercury seal relief valves became the preferred safety device for reducing gas pressure for homes.  Most were made and installed @ 1940s - 1950s, although a few were still made and installed in some areas until 1967.

Our members have specially-trained crews using careful procedures to remove this equipment when it is encountered.  Many companies have conducted methodical searches and believe they have removed all such equipment from their systems.  This section of the web page provides historical background, photos of mercury-containing gas pressure regulators to assist in distinguishing this equipment from newer spring-operated gas pressure regulators, AGA’s alerts to members, correspondence with EPA, presentations, and sample removal procedures.



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