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AGA Alert: EPA Final Rule Exempts Most NOx Releases from Superfund Reporting (Oct. 4, 2006)
AGA Alert: Toxics Release Inventory Reporting Proposed Changes (Sept. 22, 2005)
AGA Comments on EPA's Proposed TRIC Reporting Modifications (Feb. 4, 2005)
AGA Alert: Proposed Changes to the Toxics Release Inventory Reporting Forms (Jan. 10, 2005)
AGA Alert: EPA Seeking Input on Revisions to Chemical Inventory Update Rule (IUR) Reporting Instructions (July 14, 2003)
EPA Final Rule Exempting Natural Gas from Inventory Update Rule Reports (Jan. 7, 2003)
AGA Alert: EPA Exempts Natural Gas from Inventory Update Rule (IUR) Reports in Final Rule (Jan. 7, 2003)
AGA Alert: Final Revised Federally Permitted Release Guidance Reduces Reporting Burdens for Distributed Energy & Gas Utilities (April 23, 2002)
AGA Alert: S.880 requires EPA to work with NFPA to revise Model Fire Code to address propane risks (August 5, 1999)
EPA Publishes Stay of Effectiveness of RMP Rule for Certain Flammable Hydrocarbon Fuels (May 28, 1999)
AGA Alert: Court Challenge on 112r Accident Release Rule (May 10, 1999)
AGA Letter Requesting Natural Gas Exemption from High Production Volume Chemical Testing (March 23, 1999)
AGA Alert: TSCA Reporting for Natural Gas, Oil or Chemical Imports Reports Due Dec. 23, 1998 (Oct. 2, 1998)
AGA Alert: Final 112r Accident Release Rule Clarifies Exemption of LNG and Underground Storage (Jan. 6, 1998)
AGA Memorandum Addressing Applicability of 112(r) to Propane Peak-shaving Facilities (Oct. 24, 1997)
AGA Alert: Memorandum on Clean Air Act 112r Accident Release Rule's Application to Propane Air Tanks and Underground Storage (April 17, 1997)
EPA Letter to Gas Processors Association Regarding Applicability of TSCA Inventory Reporting Requirements to Natural Gas Processing Industry (June 30, 1994)
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 EPA Final Rule Exempting Natural Gas from Inventory Update Rule Reports (Jan. 7, 2003) 

On January 7, 2003 , EPA published a final rule exempting natural gas from Inventory Update Rule (IUR) Reports. EPA is promulgating amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) section 8(a) Inventory Update Rule (IUR). The IUR currently requires manufacturers (including importers) of certain chemical substances on the TSCA Chemical Substances Inventory to report data  on each chemical’s current production volume, site–limited status, and plant site information every 4 years. Through these IUR amendments (IURA), EPA is requiring the reporting of additional data for certain chemicals to assist EPA and others in screening potential exposures and risks resulting from industrial chemical operations and commercial and consumer uses of TSCA chemical substances. EPA is also modifying the IUR reporting and recordkeeping requirements, removing one reporting exemption and creating others, and modifying its procedures for making Confidential Business Information claims. EPA is also making certain non–substantive technical corrections.

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