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 2010 Advocacy Priorities 

As Approved by AGA’s Board of Directors, February 2010

Climate Change: Advocate for Federal, State, and Regional Climate Change Policies on Behalf of Natural Gas Utility Interests

Natural Gas Supply (tied for 2nd): Advocate Natural Gas Production and Supply Diversity

Distribution Integrity Advocacy (tied for 2nd): Proposed DOT Rules

DOT Pipeline Safety Proceedings: Represent Gas Distribution Company Interests in Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Proceedings

Advocate for Innovative Rate Approaches: Advocate for Innovative Rate Approaches that Create Incentives for Utilities to Promote Energy Efficiency

Build Sustainable Value for Shareholders and Customers:  Promote the Many Ways in which Clean, Abundant, Efficient and American Natural Gas Will Meet the Energy Needs of the U.S. Economy for Decades to Come

LIHEAP: Expand LIHEAP Funding

Dividend Tax:  Make Permanent Low Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Levels, which Expire after 12/31/2010

Building and Energy Codes:  Advocate Building and Energy Codes, Appliance Standards, and National Policies that Promote Energy Efficient and Safe Direct Use of Natural Gas

Advocate Demand-Side Measures:  Advocate Demand-Side Measures and Policies that Provide for Maximizing the Productivity of Natural Gas Use in Homes and Businesses

NARUC Outreach: Represent Gas Distribution Interests before NARUC to Enhance Awareness of Natural Gas Market Conditions and LDC Efforts to Serve Customers

Advocate at FERC: Advocate at FERC and Other Federal Agencies to Ensure Well-Functioning Gas Markets and the Continued Reliability of Pipeline Service to Bring Natural Gas Supplies to LDC Markets

Federal Funding for End Use R&D:  Secure Federal Funding for Low- Emission and High-Efficiency Natural Gas Technology, Development and Commercialization

PUC Visits to Wall Street:  Educate NARUC on Utility Capital Needs by Arranging Meetings between State Public Utility Commissioners and Wall Street Analysts

Decrease Taxes on Utilities:  Support Measures that Decrease Taxes on Utilities

Development of Natural Gas as a Transportation Solution:  Advocate Federal Policies that Promote the Development of Natural Gas as a Transportation Solution for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Other Nation’s Dependence on Energy Imports

Natural Gas End-Use R&D Funding Mechanism:  Seek Legislation to Develop an Industry Program to Fund End Use Technology R&D

Infrastructure Security Issues:  Ensure that Congress Addresses Gas Utility Infrastructure Security Concerns in a Reasonable Manner and that Government Agencies (e.g., DHS, DOT, and DOE) Coordinate

Air Regulations for Engines, Turbines and Boilers: Prevent Unworkable Burdens on Operations and Commercial/Industrial Customers

Wetland, Water, and Wildlife Permits for Utility Construction Projects: (tied for 19th)  Obtain Workable, Streamlined Environmental Rules for Gas Utility Construction and Repair Projects

PCBs and Asbestos Pipe Wrap: (tied for 19th) Prevent Burdensome Requirements and Obtain Workable Rules

Infrastructure Permit Streamlining: Wetlands Storm Water, Endangered Species and Oil Spill Prevention for Existing Infrastructure



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