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 Gas Utility CEOs Launch Infrastructure Security Committee 

AGA Media Contacts:                          Oct. 9, 2001                                                        
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         AGA Announces Committee on Infrastructure Security, Elevates Issue to Board-Level

Las Vegas – The American Gas Association (AGA) today announced the formation of a new board-level Committee on Security, Infrastructure Integrity and Reliability, which will be devoted to natural gas delivery system security and reliability issues. AGA said that the committee will be composed of natural gas utility executives from AGA’s board of directors. The committee was formed by a unanimous vote of the AGA Board of Directors at their annual meeting yesterday in Las Vegas. Philip C. Ackerman, president of National Fuel Gas Co. of Buffalo, NY, will serve as chair of the new committee.

Ackerman said, “Utilities have made it our business to deliver natural gas reliably and safely for decades. As we now enter a new decade of heightened security concerns, it’s vital that we use our considerable safety knowledge and experience to promote the continued security and integrity of our delivery system.”

According to AGA, the mission of the board-level committee will be “To provide board-level leadership to promote security, infrastructure integrity and reliability of the nation’s natural gas utility delivery system.”

AGA represents 185 local natural gas utilities. Natural gas is used by 63 million homes and businesses in all 50 states. For more information, consult the AGA web site at


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