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 Federal Energy Policy Principles 


Ample, reliable energy supply at affordable prices is key to providing economic and national security for Americans. The American Gas Association (AGA) recognizes that, while the United States has tremendous energy resources, America’s current energy supply and infrastructure will not sustain our growing economy and we need to act now to meet our country’s energy needs for the 21st Century.

In order to continue to meet the energy needs of our unprecedented growing economy and provide affordable energy for consumers, America will need to utilize all domestic fuels and energy sources efficiently. This is also the right approach for American citizens who will benefit from more reliable and affordable energy from domestic energy sources, cleaner air, and a stronger economy.

AGA is committed to working to enact a bipartisan, consensus, market-based national energy strategy that will ensure the future security, comfort, and economic well being of our nation’s citizens by meeting their energy needs, without sacrificing the quality of our environment. AGA will work with consumers, policy makers, and its partners in the energy industry to accomplish this goal.


To realize the goal of abundant energy supply for the 21st Century, America needs to enact a market-based, federal energy strategy that would accomplish the following:

1. Meet Consumer Energy Needs

  • Ensure safe, reliable and affordable energy supply for all American families and businesses today and in the future
  • Provide a balanced energy portfolio that promotes the wise use and efficient use of all fuels
  • Encourage necessary long-term energy supply and infrastructure investments
  • Meet the needs of our growing economy; create and preserve American jobs
  • Seek market-based solutions that reduce regulatory uncertainty

2. Ensure the Quality of Our Environment

  • Increase the use of new cleaner and more efficient energy technologies
  • Enhance the development of renewable and cleaner energy sources
  • Increase energy efficiency and energy conservation through sustainable development and fair and balanced incentives and standards
  • Ensure short-term energy and environmental policies support long-term goals

3. Increase Our National Security

  • Increase domestic energy supply
  • Achieve greater energy independence through reduced foreign oil imports

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