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AGA Priorities for Energy Policy Legislation

  • Ensure increased natural gas production. Protect consumers from high and fluctuating natural gas prices by ensuring ample supplies of domestic natural gas.
  • Ensure expansion of needed natural gas infrastructure. Enable the natural gas industry to continue to meet the increased demand for this affordable and reliable fuel.
  • Increase LIHEAP authorization. Protect low-income consumers by increasing the authorized spending limit for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to $5.1 billion as provided in the House bill.
  • Promote new natural gas technologies. Spur even more efficient use of natural gas and fuel diversity for electricity generation through incentives for innovative technologies.
  • Enhance energy efficiency. Enhance energy efficiency across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors of America through the wide-ranging, well balanced provisions incorporated in the Senate bill (Senate Title I).
  • Repeal PUHCA. Repeal the Public Utility Holding Company Act.
  • Encourage voluntary price reporting. Empower the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to establish a price reporting system if deemed necessary in the future, but do not impose a federal mandate that it do so.

A more detailed look at these principles can be found in AGA's Letter to Congressional Energy Bill Conferees. View AGA's priorities of natural gas utilities in federal energy legislation.


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