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 Responsible Natural Gas Resource Development 

The American Gas Association (AGA) believes that the benefits of developing the abundant and clean natural gas energy resource in America can and should be realized.  We also believe it can be developed in a responsible manner.  Over the past several years a truly game-changing event has occurred in the natural gas industry thanks to improved technologies that are allowing energy producers to access significant and growing supplies of domestic natural gas from shale formations and other unconventional reservoirs.

AGA Resources Library 
I. AGA’s Principles on Responsible Natural Gas Development
II. AGA Issue Briefs - Responsible Natural Gas Development [Members Only]
III. AGA Memoranda and Policy Analyses
IV. AGA Natural Gas Market Indicators

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Responsible Natural Gas Development Group Contacts:                                           Arushi Sharma, Counsel, Regulatory Affairs,             
Chris McGill, Vice President, Policy Analysis,

For programming assistance, contact Lucy Castaneda-Land,



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