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NTSB response to AGA request for Clarification on Recommendations P-10-1 through P-10-4 (Nov. 23, 2011)
DOT Final Publishes Final Rule on Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures: CCF Update and Technical Amendments (Sept. 27. 2011)
PHMSA Advisory Bulletin - Pipeline Safety: Potential for Damage to Pipeline Facilities Caused by the Passage of Hurricanes (1 Sep 2011)
PHMSA Advisory Bulletin - Potential for Damage to Pipeline Facilities Caused by Flooding (27 July 2011)
PHMSA's response to AGA letter on fire first reporting, LNG reporting forms/instructions, and transmission reporting (May 4, 2011)
Mechanical Fitting Failure Reporting Final Rule
CRM Expedited Implementation
CPUC Incident Investigation Report - Rancho Cordova

 Mechanical Fitting Failure Reporting Final Rule 

This final rule is an amendment to PHMSA's regulations involving DIMP. This final rule revises the pipeline safety regulations to clarify the types of pipeline fittings involved in the compression coupling failure information collection; changes the term “compression coupling'' to “mechanical fitting,'' aligns a threat category with the annual report; and clarifies the Excess Flow Valve (EFV) metric to be reported by operators of gas systems. This rule also announces the OMB approval of the revised Distribution Annual Report and a new Mechanical Fitting Failure Report. Finally, this rulemaking clarifies the key dates for the collection and submission of the new Mechanical Fitting Failure Report.

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