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 Gas Distribution Annual Report Form & Mechanical Fitting Failure Report Form 

DOT has issued its new distribution annual reporting form, mechanical fitting failure reporting form and instructions.  The Gas Distribution System Annual Report form was revised in 2010 to incorporate new data elements related to DIMP.  Operators are expected to report 2010 data using the revised Gas Distribution Annual Report form included below.  Operators should also note that the new Mechanical Fitting Failure Report form is now a seperate form from the distribution annual form and is also included below.  Operators are not required to report mechanical fitting failure data this year, but are required to begin collecting 2011 data to report in 2012.  PHMSA is developing an online version of the revised Gas Distribution Annual Report form to allow online data entry.  PHMSA expects this tool to be available in time for operators to meet the March 15 deadline.


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