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August TPSSC Meeting Materials
Summary for Utility Highway Relocations
Alarm Management for Control Room Operations in the Natural Gas Industry

 August TPSSC Meeting Materials 

The Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee (TPSSC) met on August 6, 2009.  The TPSSC is a statutorily mandated committee that advises PHMSA on proposed safety standards, risks assessments, and safety policies for natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines. The committee consists of 15 members with membership evenly divided among the Federal and State government, the regulated industry, and the public. The committee advises PHMSA on technical feasibility, practicability, and cost-effectiveness of each proposed pipeline safety standard.

The following documents and discussion topics were reviewed:

  1. Agenda
  2. One-Rule and Changes to Incident and Accident Forms
  3. Periodic Updates of Regulatory References to Technical Standards
  4. Low Stress II – Survey Results
  5. Installing Excess Flow Valves (EFV) – (Application for Apartments and Commercial Properties)
  6. Community Technical Assistance Grant Program
  7. Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA)
  8. OMB Circular A-4
  9. Article: “On the value of formal assessment of uncertainty in regulatory analysis"

The committee did not vote on any proposals at this meeting.  Members of the public were able to call in and were able to attend the meeting at the U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20590, Room E27–302. 

If you have questions regarding the TPSSC meeting, please contact Phil Bennett.


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