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Pipeline Safety Act Reauthorization
Distribution Integrity
Transmission Pipelines
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Agency Notices
AGA Comments
Technical Reports/Papers
Industry Practices for Gas Control Center Physical Security & Access (Nov. 2011)
Industry Guidance on Records Review for Re-affirming Transmission Pipeline MAOPs (October 2011)
NAPSR Compendium Comparing State Pipeline Safety Requirements with Federal Regulations (September 30, 2011)
Final NTSB Accident Report: San Bruno Pipeline Rupture (Sept. 26, 2011)
AGA White Paper on Verification of MAOPs for Existing Steel Transmission Pipelines (April 7, 2011)
CRS December 2010 Report: “Keeping America’s Pipelines Safe and Secure: Key Issues for Congress"
AGA White Paper: Natural Gas Pipelines and Unmarked Sewer Lines – A Damage Prevention Partnership (April 2010)
Texas Railroad Commission Study Report on Compression Couplings
NTSB Report on Carmichael November 2007 Rupture
NTSB Report: Texas Eastern Pipeline Company Casing Accident
White Paper on Gas Pipeline Controller Risk Analysis - February 2006
AGA White Paper: Natural Gas Pipelines and Unmarked Sewer Lines – A Damage Prevention Partnership
NYSEARCH Guided Wave Public Report
PHMSA Report to Congress on 7 Year Reassessments
Atmospheric Corrosion and Leakage Survey Study: Advent Design Corp.
NTSB Report for Bergenfield Pipeline Incident
PHMSA released final draft of Mechanical Damage Study for comment
Keifner Leak vs. Rupture Study: Criteria for Reinspection Intervals for Low-Stress Steel Pipelines
SWRI Casing Study: Statistical Analysis of External Corrosion Anomaly Data of Cased Pipe Segments
White Paper: Identification of Pipe with Low and Variable Mechanical Properties in High Strength, Low Alloy Steels
Keifner Final Report: Low Frequency ERW and Lap Welded Longitudinal Seam Evaluation
Review of Safety Considerations for Natural Gas Pipeline Block Valve Spacing
Industry Considerations for Emergency Response Plans - (March 2012)
AGA White Paper: Automatic Shut-off Valves (ASV) And Remote Control Valves (RCV)
Summary of Costs and Factors Impacting In-Line Inspection, Direct Assessment, Pressure Testing and Pipeline Replacements
Congressional Research Service Report; Keeping America’s Pipelines Safe and Secure: Key Issues for Congress by Paul W. Parfomak
(GAO-13-168) - Better Guidance Needed to Improve Pipeline Operator Incident Response
AGA Guidelines for Oversight of Construction for Transmission Pipelines, Distribution Mains and Services (April 2013)
AGA White Paper: Intergenerational Transfer of Knowledge for Field Supervisors
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 PHMSA Report to Congress on 7 Year Reassessments 


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