Rates, Regulatory and Finance


Rates, Regulatory and Finance

AGA advocates on behalf of its members in both federal and state regulatory arenas. AGA members participate in three committees dedicated to advancing these interests. Information related to natural gas cases, tariffs, regulatory procedures and initiatives, and other services and publications provided by AGA can be found at the following links.  

Federal Regulatory Issues: Andrew K. Soto
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
(202) 824-7215

State Rates: Bruce McDowell
Managing Director, Policy Analysis
(202) 824-7131

State Regulatory Issues: Kyle Rogers
Vice President, Government Relations
(202) 824-7218

Ratemaking for Energy Pipelines (2014) 


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal block grant program that provides financial assistance to low and fixed-income individuals for fuel and utility bills, as well as low-cost weatherization and energy-related home repairs.
Fiscal Responsibility

America's economic future is threatened by a fiscal and budget crisis unprecedented in our nation's history. The trajectory of our national debt is unsustainable and threatens America's economic competitiveness, job growth, standard of living, global standing and influence.
Rates and Regulatory Issues

AGA advocates on behalf of its members in both federal and state regulatory arenas.

Keeping dividend tax rates low has been a key advocacy priority for AGA, and our members.