Georgetown University Energy Prize & Natural Gas

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The American Gas Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Georgetown University Energy Prize - a $5 million award to the community that most successfully develops and implements innovative, replicable, scalable and continual reductions in energy consumption from local natural gas and electric utilities. Out of the hundreds that applied, 50 communities have been selected to work together with their local governments and utilities to develop a long-term energy efficiency plan and demonstrate initial effectiveness and sustainability over a two-year period before advancing to the finalist round in 2017. 

Natural gas is a clean, affordable and efficient energy solution. When used directly in appliances for heating and cooling, water heating, cooking and clothes drying, natural gas maintains about 92 percent of its usable energy, and a household with natural gas versus all-electric appliances produces 37 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions. By investing in the efficiency of buildings and appliances, promoting smart energy choices and supporting energy-saving efforts for low-income families, natural gas utilities are helping their customers save money and reduce their carbon footprint, while maintaining the comfort and productivity of their homes and businesses.

Your local natural gas utility can be an important partner in helping your community create and implement inventive plans for sustained energy efficiency as you compete for the Georgetown University Energy Prize.

This video by the American Gas Foundation (AGF) describes how using natural gas in the home increases energy efficiency and reduces overall energy costs.