Community Engagement

Natural gas effciciency program administrators use innovative ways deliver pro-conservation messaging and engage communities in efficiency improvements. Some include:

  • Door-to-door campaigns and free energy conservation kits
  • Energy and green fairs and trade/home shows
  • Bill inserts, social media, print ads, billboards, truck wraps, radio ads, TV/cable, newspaper articles
  • Targeted outreach to local real estate office and community grous (e.g., environmental commission, rotaries)
  • Sponsorship of collegiate sports and professional basketbal teams
  • Community outreach specialists educate customers, trade groups and other community members through presentations, seminars, community events, and municipal meetings
  • Collateral materials for local agencies that serve low income customers
  • Augmenting statewide efficiency program offerings with additional cash rebates and/or low (or zero) interest loans

Based on a 2012 AGA survey, program administrators find direct customer outreach and community-based approaches more effective than more traditional communication channels. Dedicated outreach community-based programs build a relationship that promotes trust and creates a partnership with the customer (enhancing customer satisfaction).

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