Grow Markets

Fifty-six percent of utility-implemented natural gas efficiency programs engage in market transformation activities, covering a wide range natural gas end uses. Many have explored and have found success in penetrating hard-to-reach market segments, such as the multi-family sector. Others have focused on energy-intensive niche markets, such as hospitals and the food service sector. Here are some market transformation activities that natural gas efficiency program administrators engage in:

  • Partner with trade professionals who sell, install or service equipment to drive energy awareness, promote efficiency programs, and make high-effeciency natural gas products more accessible to customers
  • Target upstream market adoption by incenting manufacturers and distributors to stock and up sell the highest energy efficiency equipment available to the mid-stream and down-stream markets
  • Engage contractor networks and box retailers (e.g. Lowes, Home Depot) to promote efficient natural gas appliances and products (e.g., high efficiency furnaces, water heaters)
  • Work with landlords by offering them revert agreements that automatically transfer the account back to the landlord when the tenant vacates the premise
  • Set up pre-commercial demonstrations of emerging technologies

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