Engineering Services Manager

Position Summary:

  • Administer the work of Operations and Engineering Services (O&E) technical committee(s), task groups, discussion groups and other O&E programs.
  • Provide technical support to AGA’s Best Practices program, Plastic Pipe Data Collection, Peer Review Program, and other initiatives in O&E.
  • Provide technical support for industry data collection, analysis, and summaries.
  • Organize and conduct industry workshops, conferences, roundtables, webinars and teleconferences by developing agendas, confirming speakers, leading discussions, and working through event logistics.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations at industry workshops and meetings.
  • Represent AGA in technical conferences/workshops, meetings and other venues.
  • Stay abreast of industry developments and assist in determining appropriate short-term and long-term plans for the Operations & Engineering Services Group.
  • Generate ideas to meet AGA strategic management objectives.
  • Identify opportunities to generate revenue including conferences, workshops, training seminars, new publications, etc.
  • Generate ideas to improve the productivity and efficiency of O&E.
  • Provide technical support for AGA publications.

For immediate consideration, please complete AGA's application process through ADP.