International Energy Companies and Affiliates

Membership in AGA provides unparalleled benefits and can help companies prosper both in the domestic natural gas industry and in the increasingly important, and competitive, international gas industry.

AGA provides services and information to assist natural gas industry members in achieving operational excellence and facilitates information sharing on topics including safety, security, reliability, efficiency, environmental, operations, customer care, rate design, regulatory trends, workforce, financial, accounting and customer service.

In addition, AGA offers multiple forums for "best practice" sharing to assist in the achievement of operational, technological and customer service excellence.

As the charter member in the International Gas Union for the United States, AGA provides forums for the exchange of ideas between international and American natural gas companies.

Membership dues for an International Energy Company is $25,000 and $6,250 for an International Affiliate annually. Apply now by completing the Membership Application below.

For more information please contact Tracy Burleson at or 202-824-7229.

Membership Application