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Additional Resources

Want to find out more about trends in the natural gas industry? Here's where to find recent studies, outlooks on natural gas supply and demand and fact sheets on issues ranging from pipeline safety to energy efficiency to climate change.

Accounting and Finance

The latest news and resources for energy utility professionals in the fields of accounting and finance. This includes information on upcoming conferences, workshops, committee business, best practices and links to information on emerging trends and issues.
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Basking In The Comfort Of Natural Gas Hearth Products

Homebuyers consistently rate fireplaces as a must have in consumer preference surveys. However, many homeowners do not often use wood-burning fireplaces, because it can be time-consuming and messy to collect wood, build a fire, tend it, cool it down and clean up the ashes.
It is no surprise that gas hearth product shipments zoomed up 600 percent between 1992-2000, while sales of traditional cordwood appliances rose only 11 percent during the same time period, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association.
Buyer's Guide

The Natural Gas Industry Buyer's Guide has proven to be a valuable resource for association members and other industry professionals who use the Internet to locate products and services for the entire natural gas industry.
Cooking With Natural Gas: Precise Control In A Stylish Package

Builders know that a kitchen can sell a house. But smart builders know that natural gas appliances can sell the kitchen. Just as most professional chefs insist on cooking with natural gas, everyday cooks recognize that natural gas offers even heat, excellent temperature control and instant on/off settings for cooking and baking.
Today's natural gas ranges, ovens, cooktops and grills feature high efficiency, easy cleaning and the reliability that natural gas equipment is known for.
Energy Efficiency

The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) website is a comprehensive guide to all forms of energy supply, demand and usage; it also features energy conservation tips.DOE's Energy Information Administration website is a great resource for pricing and supply forecasts for all forms of home energy. Every month, EIA issues a short-term energy outlook with information about supply, demand and prices for natural gas, petroleum and electricity.
Industry Facts and Stats

Natural Gas 101 - An Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry
Natural Gas Industry Facts - At a Glance
Rankings of Gas Companies
State Profiles
International Builders' Show

In 2015, the International Builders' Show (IBS) and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) will again co-locate at the Las Vegas Convention Center to create Design and Construction Week. The two events will remain separate and distinct shows held simultaneously, January 20 – 22, 2015.
Natural Gas Heating Systems

Consumers strongly prefer natural gas heat because it is comfortable, convenient, reliable and efficient. Today's heating systems offer incredible choices to contractors, builders and homeowners, from top-of-the-line furnaces that achieve efficiency levels of more than 90 percent, to moderately priced units that meet or slightly exceed the minimum efficiency standard of 78 percent, so that customers don't have to pay for more efficiency than they need.
Natural Gas Reliability

Reliability is the hallmark of the natural gas industry. Natural gas utilities use a variety of techniques to manage natural gas prices and supplies, including the following:
Natural Gas Water Heaters

Water heaters are the second biggest energy users in a typical home, next to the heating and cooling system. Natural gas water heaters cost less to operate than electric water heaters, on average, and can heat water twice as fast. In fact, consumers can enjoy two bathtubs full of water with natural gas for the same cost of a single tub full of water heated with electricity, on average.
Types of Natural Gas Water Heaters