AGA Memos and Policy Analyses


AGA Memos and Policy Analyses

Natural gas utility customers are benefiting greatly from the low and stable price of natural gas that is due, in part, to the abundance coming from shale formations. AGA continues to be an outspoken supporter of sustainable and responsible development, and to develop resources for its members use in educating customers and members of your communities regarding the benefits of natural gas, the value provided by this abundant resource, and how it can be developed responsibly.

"Turning Principles into Action" is an AGA report that discusses the state of play as of the end of 2011 in three important areas: reducing environmental impacts, building trust in the community though responsible action and giving regulators the proper authority to oversee the industry. Building on our resource development principles, this report points to new and best practices that natural gas producers are developing and implementing on a continual basis.

For a current analysis of regulatory, legislative and policy developments impacting and encouraging the sustainable production of domestic natural gas, members can view the AGA Responsible Production Issue Briefs.


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