American Gas Magazine April 2014

American Gas Magazine

American Gas Magazine April 2014

Current Issue: April 2014

  • Special Focus: Customer Service

    The J.D. Power Mystique How working for high rankings helps utilities provide better service to customers.
  • Fieldwork: State of the Art How technology is helping mobile workers serve customers better. Plus: new technologies for managing the field.

    Inside This Issue:

President s Message: Giving Customers Comfort and Control There is a great deal that can be done at the local level to extend the benefits of natural gas to all consumers. Utilities are delivering that message.

Burner Tips: Social Media As utilities consolidate social channels and integrate channels into long-term strategies, the industry has reached a much-needed plateau.

Headway: This Is Not Your Grandfather s Natural Gas Operations While gas pipeline operations remain critical, we must now be prepared to address challenges never imagined before. Here s how AGA is helping.