American Gas Magazine June 2013

American Gas Magazine

American Gas Magazine June 2013

Cover Story: The Calm Before the Storms
By Mike Schmid, W. Fred Kuebler, Micah Rasmussen, and Jennifer Block
Lessons from Superstorm Sandy provided by a number of natural gas utilities set the course for the coming hurricane season.

Inside This Issue:
President s Message: Consensus, Compromise, Community The willingness of utility employees to support each other was never more evident than during last fall s superstorm.

Profile: Pedro Santos Tech prodigy Pedro Santos, founder and CEO of OsComp Systems, describes how utilities can use compression technology to bring gas to more customers, and explains what attracted him unlike many other young innovators to the energy industry.

Headway: Methane Emissions: The Real Story With new data, the real impact of natural gas on greenhouse gas emissions is starting to shine through.