American Gas Magazine March 2013

American Gas Magazine

American Gas Magazine March 2013

Cover Story: The Next Big Thing
By Gary James
The commercial side of the NGV market is heating up, with more truck and van offerings, growing interest from corporate buyers, and improved fueling infrastructure. Here s what you can expect. Plus: Where are the CNG cars?


President's Message: Once in a Generation Enabled by infrastructure improvements and an abundance of natural gas, NGVs are driving the move to energy security.

The Tech-Savvy Utility In Part 2 of American Gas s Modernization series, an inside look at the IT tools and strategies gas utilities will need to succeed in 2013 and beyond. By Eric Schoeniger, Peter Haapaniemi, and Sue Khodarahmi

View From: Capitol Hill and State House Safe Digging Month highlights success of Call Before You Dig campaign; framing the nation s energy policy discussion; a Pennsylvania resolution would encourage the expanded use of natural gas.

Burner Tips: Making Gas Cool: A glossy magazine and social media help a utility reach young customers. By Richard Sine

Headway: It s the right time and the right place for LNG17. By Tracy Burleson