American Gas Magazine May 2013

American Gas Magazine

American Gas Magazine May 2013

Cover Story: Safety Getting Employees Invested
By David E. King, Paul Greco, Khrysanne Kerr, and James Sample
Safe driving, digging, and cybersecurity, through the lens of corporate culture change.

Inside This Issue:

President's Message: More Than Just Good News Stories The human efforts that make it possible to deliver natural gas to homes and businesses safely, reliably, and efficiently are impressive.

Profile: Michael Liebreich Bloomberg New Energy Finance CEO Michael Liebreich explores the future of energy. Plus: Looking at past performance and future results big gains for natural gas.

Headway Lower costs, improved services, and better business operations: AMI is an opportunity we can't afford to miss. By Joseph Turgeon

Burner Tips: Procurement The procurement function can help utilities achieve significant improvements. And the first step is helping stakeholders understand its potential. By Samir Khushalani and Patrice Maheo