American Gas Magazine November 2012

American Gas Magazine

American Gas Magazine November 2012

American Gas Magazine November 2012

CURRENT ISSUE: November 2012

Modernization—Part One: Pipelines
By Ralph Zarumba and Peter Haapaniemi 
With natural gas becoming an increasingly important part of the nation’s overall energy mix, the industry is focused proactively on accelerating improvements to infrastructure, technology, customer service, and more. In the first part of a new series: “The Quest for 21st Century Utilities,” we focus on pipelines, with a look at:

  • Putting Pipeline Replacement on the Fast Track
  • Pipe Replacements: 11 Recent Developments
  • Developments in Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, and Texas
  • Commentary from the Front Lines
  • Why IRMs Aren’t Single-Issue Ratemaking

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: 2.4 Million Miles—and Counting—America’s network of natural gas pipelines provides the foundation for the nation’s energy future and economic renewal.

Ask AGA: The Future of Market Stability—A new American Gas Association report describes a natural gas market where robust and diverse domestic supplies meet a broad range of demand possibilities for the next decade and beyond.

In the Know: Ready, Set, Engage—Utilities that engage customers can reduce costs, optimize efficiency programs, and boost customer satisfaction. ICF’s Jeff Gibbons looks at some new tools and techniques that deliver effective customer engagement.

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