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"Renewable natural gas is ultimate form of recycling," according to American Gas Magazine, July '17 @aga_naturalgas

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Federal Regulatory Issues and Advocacy

AGA advocates on behalf of its member natural gas distribution utilities before Federal agencies in the area of energy market regulation. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulates wholesales sales, transportation and storage of natural gas in interstate commerce. AGA members purchase these services from interstate pipelines regulated by FERC, and some AGA members provide interstate services and are directly regulated by FERC for part of their operations.


Statistical Tools for Financial Analysts

Located on this page are several resources for interest to investors, financial industry employees, analysts and utility IR professionals. Please note, some of this material is accessible to AGA members only.

The AGA Research & Statistics Section includes highlights, EIA storage reports, and heating/cooling degree day data. Note: This section includes information available only to AGA members. Get more information about AGA Associate Membership for your company.

Study/Report Categories


Natural Gas Market Indicators

AGA's Natural Gas Market Indicators is published on or about the 15th and 30th of each month. The two-page report summarizes recent developments in natural gas pricing, heating and cooling degree days statistics, underground storage, domestic gas production, rig counts, pipeline imports and exports, and international LNG issues.


Investor Relations

The American Gas Association's Investor Relations department represents the interests of AGA s investor-owned member companies, and the energy utility industry as a whole, to investors, analysts, bankers, and other members of the financial community. Through a multi-channel approach, including meetings, educational forums and seminars, online services and publications, AGA provides the financial community with a centralized information and educational resource on energy utility industry issues.


AGA/EEI Customer Service Conference Presentations - April 21-24, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
General Session I
Perspectives on the Utility of the Future Panel Discussion
Matt Rogers, McKinsey and Company



The Financial and Operational Information Series offers brief analyses of specific natural gas utility statistical information. The topics vary by report, but the intent is to provide statistical data that gives insight into financial or operational issues facing natural gas utilities. The primary source of this data is the proprietary database of SNL energy, which is developed from natural gas utility filings with state and federal agencies. AGA's contact with SNL allows us to use this database to provide analyses for our current member's internal use only.


Hennessy Funds

The Hennessy Gas Utility Fund (ticker symbol: GASFX) is comprised of the publicly traded natural gas distribution and transmission member companies of the American Gas Association whose common stock, or parent company's common stock, is traded on a United States stock exchange.

Fact Sheet

Financial Analysts Covering AGA Member Companies

Analysts Covering AGA Member Companies

AGA has developed a unique spreadsheet showing analyst coverage of publicly-traded AGA member companies.

There are two sections to the Analyst Matrix:

  • The "Main Contact List" tab in the spreadsheet list the analysts with contact information.
  • The "Coverage Chart" tab sorts AGA member companies covered by each analyst.

Access the AGA Analyst Matrix


Investor Relations Websites

Access a list of AGA member investor relations websites.


Natural Gas Price Transparency

FERC is approaching transparency more broadly than it did price reporting, as was the case through 2006, and making efforts to enhance transparency in various proceedings or initiatives recently set in motion by the Commission. The policy driver is a desire to increase confidence in the functioning of natural gas commodity markets.


FOIS 2012 - Members Only

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Accounting Principles Committee

For meeting information and registration, CLICK HERE


NYSSA 2012 Presentation

11:45 am - 2:00 pm
1540 Broadway - 10th Floor

(Entrance on 45th Street - Times Square)
New York, NY 10036
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Program Details

11:45 am - 12:15 pm (Lunch)

12:15 pm - 2:00 pm (Presentation)


What Am I Paying for in My Natural Gas Bill? (Energy Analysis 05/31/2011)

When a residential customer gets their natural gas bill, they tend to focus on the total cost of the bill and may not realize that the utility retains only a fraction of the payment as income. In fact, over half of the bill for the typical residential customer goes toward 1) the purchase of gas from a producer or marketer and 2) the delivery of gas to the utility by an inter- or intrastate pipeline. The utility then incurs operational costs to get that gas to the customer, including delivery expenses, measuring the amount of gas consumed, and sending out the bill.


AGA Comments to NAS on How to Reform the Tax Code to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Apended NAS Report on Full Fuel Cycle Energy Efficiency (Sept. 20, 2011)

The National Academies of Science initiated a study to evaluate how provisions in the U.S. Internal Revenue Code either help or hinder efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On Sept. 20, 2011, AGA filed comments suggesting how tax provisions could be used to expand the direct use of natural gas in homes, businesses and vehicles, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions measured on a full fuel cycle basis.


AGA/EEI Taxation Committee Meeting

Contact: Joe Martin, Controller at


AGA/EEI Fall Accounting Conference

AGA/EEI Fall Accounting Conference and
AGA Accounting Services Committee
EEI Corporate Accounting Committee
EEI Property Accounting & Valuation Committee Meeting