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#Fact: #NatGas pipelines already reach more than 177 million Americans safely.

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Fact Sheet

Natural Gas Reliability

Reliability is the hallmark of the natural gas industry. Natural gas utilities use a variety of techniques to manage natural gas prices and supplies, including the following:



Reports and Studies

Discover energy analyses that explore economic, environmental and supply issues.


Alaskan Natural Gas

Alaskan natural gas could provide U.S. consumers with seven or eight percent of their total gas consumption for many decades.


Offshore Production

AGA supports the permanent removal of leasing moratoria on the OCS for natural gas.


Onshore Production

While natural gas producers in the United States are working hard to meet market demands, many new areas for gas production face key restrictions or stipulations impeding development. Greater access to public lands for domestic natural gas production will help meet rising demand and reduce price volatility for American consumers.

Fact Sheet

Rig Counts


Natural gas drilling activity continues to outpace oil drilling, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The completion of about 32,000 gas wells per year in 2007 and 2008 marked the highest number of gas wells completed in the EIA records in annual periods and marked five record setting years. Beginning in 1993, gas well completions have exceeded oil well completions for 15 straight years.


Working Gas in Storage

The Underground Storage Report measures the utilization of subsurface facilities for storing gas that has been transferred from its original location and stored for the purposes of load balancing and meeting critical winter heating season gas supply requirements. The facilities are usually natural geological reservoirs such as depleted oil or gas fields or water bearing sands capped by impermeable rock. The facilities may be man-made or naturally occurring. 

Fact Sheet

Natural Gas Prices ( Published 2014)

The term natural gas prices is often used to refer to a number of different types of prices. Some natural gas prices refer to the point in the market where the natural gas is purchased, other prices are based on the timing of delivery and some prices refer to pricing mechanisms. These different prices include but are not limited to wellhead prices, spot prices, futures (NYMEX) prices, citygate prices and residential prices. It's important to be specific about the type of price under discussion and to understand the relationship among the various types.



Abundant supplies of natural gas are available right here in the United States at competitive prices to help meet the nation's growing energy needs. Our nation's abundance of domestic natural gas provides an opportunity to satisfy significant new demand at affordable prices well into the future, and offers an incredible opportunity to deliver energy value to American homes, fuel a renaissance in U.S. manufacturing and help provide a cleaner, less expensive option for vehicles, thus reducing our dependence on foreign oil.


Responsible Natural Gas Development

The American Gas Association (AGA) believes that the benefits of developing the abundant and clean natural gas energy resource in America can and should be realized. We also believe it can be developed in a responsible manner. Over the past several years a truly game-changing event has occurred in the natural gas industry thanks to improved technologies that are allowing energy producers to access significant and growing supplies of domestic natural gas from shale formations and other unconventional reservoirs.

Fact Sheet

Natural Gas Supply and Prices

As in most free markets, natural gas price is chiefly influenced by supply and demand.

Natural gas is a domestic resource that is found in abundance in the United States. It is a home-grown North American fuel which is highly efficient and whose use by power plants contributes to cleaner air. Homeowners love it for its comfort and warmth and policymakers recognize it for its environmental attributes as well as its contribution to American energy independence. Use of natural gas is beneficial to energy security, keeps jobs in the U.S. and contributes to a cleaner environment.

News Release

New Report Details Increases in Natural Gas Supply in U.S.

Washington, D.C. - The American Gas Association (AGA) held a press conference today with the Potential Gas Committee (PGC) to release the PGC s year-end 2010 biennial report: Potential Supply of Natural Gas in the United States.


NPC North American Natural Gas Resource study

In 2011, the National Petroleum Council released its much-anticipated assessment of North America's natural gas resource and how that resource can contribute to a lower carbon energy portfolio. The 18-month study was conducted at the request of Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and involved over 400 participants from across the natural gas industry, the NGO community, state regulatory agencies and all natural gas consumer segments.

News Release

AGA Report Details Responsible Natural Gas Development

Washington, D.C. - Continued responsible and sustainable development of natural gas will transform the energy industry, and by extension our economic future.

News Release

U.S. Natural Gas Reserves At Record Levels

Washington, D.C. – America’s abundance of natural gas is supported once more, as a likely contributor to continued price stability, according to a new report released by the American Gas Association (AGA). AGA released its Preliminary Findings Concerning 2011 Natural Gas Reserves which estimates that U.S.

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Study: New reality of affordable, abundant and efficient natural gas requires visionary thinking to increase use

Washington, D.C. - The new abundance and availability of domestic natural gas is opening up opportunities for consumers, businesses and industries to expand their use of this fuel source, as detailed by a study released today from IHS CERA and the American Gas Foundation (AGF).

Fact Sheet

Natural Gas Utility Overview

More than 72 million homes and businesses rely on natural gas to meet their energy needs. Local natural gas utilities are the final link in a complex energy supply chain that safely and efficiently transports natural gas directly into customers’ homes and offices, ensuring their daily energy needs are met. Learn more in this fact sheet.

Potential Supply of Gas in the United States (April 2015)

The biennial report, "Potential Supply of Natural Gas in the United States," details the nation's total technically recoverable resource base of natural gas, which provides the foundation for stable prices, customer savings, energy security and more.
Fact Sheet

America's Record Natural Gas Resources

Four things to know about America's record supply of natural gas