Economic Growth


Economic Growth

The abundance of natural gas, coupled with a growing infrastructure, offers real promise for our economy.

The Promise of Natural Gas

The Promise of Natural Gas sets out a vision that points to a decade or more of relative market stability projected for this domestic, abundant fuel—and what that potential means for our nation and energy consumers.
Natural Gas: Rewriting Our Energy Future

Our nation's abundance of clean natural gas provides an incredible opportunity to drive economic growth, while protecting the environment and boosting national energy security. Natural Gas: Rewriting Our Energy Future details a vision of market stability ushered in by our domestic energy supply and highlights the steps taken by America's natural gas utilities to deliver this energy source to homes and businesses safely and reliably wh

Abundant supplies of natural gas are available right here in the United States at competitive prices to help meet the nation's growing energy needs. Our nation's abundance of domestic natural gas provides an opportunity to satisfy significant new demand at affordable prices well into the future, and offers an incredible opportunity to deliver energy value to American homes, fuel a renaissance in U.S. manufacturing and help provide a cleaner, less expensive option for vehicles, thus reducing our dependence on foreign oil.