Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

Discover the depth of the AGA’s commitment to a greener planet—and to doing our part to combat climate change.

The Complete PCB Rule - 40 C.F.R. Part 761

To download PCB information, visit the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) website.
AGA Memos and Policy Analyses

Natural gas utility customers are benefiting greatly from the low and stable price of natural gas that is due, in part, to the abundance coming from shale formations. AGA continues to be an outspoken supporter of sustainable and responsible development, and to develop resources for its members use in educating customers and members of your communities regarding the benefits of natural gas, the value provided by this abundant resource, and how it can be developed responsibly.
Environmental Comments

The American Gas Association represents natural gas distribution companies that deliver clean natural gas to homes and business across the country. As an advocate for natural gas utility companies and their customers, AGA works to inform legislators, regulators, interested stakeholders and the general public on environmental matters that directly affect the natural gas industry.  The comments included in this section address EPA and other federal agency environmental policies and regulations, as well as some state and regional proposals.
Government Links

For your convenience, links to the Federal Register, bills, court cases and EPA documents are listed below:
Photo Gallery

This page contains pictures that member utilities have provided.
If you have questions regarding the photos included or would like to submit photos that your company has taken to share with other utilities, please contact Pam Lacey, AGA's Senior Managing Counsel, Environment.