Standard ASC Z380 Continuous Maintenance

ANSI Z380.1-2018 is maintained under continuous maintenance and a new edition shall be published or the existing edition shall be reaffirmed a minimum of every five (5) years. An addendum shall be published as frequently as necessary between editions. Revisions resulting from public proposals shall be published in an addendum or in the new edition whichever is published first. If no changes are made within four (4) years of the ANSI approval date, ASC Z380 shall apply for reaffirmation of the standard. If you would like to make a proposal to revise ANSI Z380.1-2018, please use the proposal form below

Form For Proposals On ANSI GPTC Z380 (MS Word)

Form For Proposals On ANSI GPTC Z380 (PDF Form)

Any questions you may have concerning the maintenance of  ANSI Z380.1-2018 under continuous maintenance please contact Betsy Tansey (