2022 Executive Leadership Development Program

Jun 21, 2022 – Jun 24, 2022

Join us for the 2022 Executive Leadership Program (ELDP) hosted by AGA in Washington, D.C. This program will allow individuals to develop executive leadership skills by learning about critical legislative, economic, and regulatory processes in order to know how to enable a utility to thrive in a changing political and regulatory environment. 

Learn how to successfully navigate the political and regulatory maze of Washington, D.C. from true experts from Capitol Hill, the White House and a variety of government agencies.

Explore the workings of federal agencies and how they can impact your business.  

Actively participate in developing and executing a legislative, regulatory and media strategy.

Develop and enhance your leadership skills to take your organization to a higher level of accomplishment.

ELDP is intended for individuals who are being prepared for advancement and could gain from an opportunity to better understand how Washington works. Class size is limited to 30 participants. The cost of this program is $3,500.